Quality Control

Quality is soul! Our quality control is not a simple finished product inspection, we take all our production line as a whole. Quality control is instantiated in every step of our production process. We have a professional QC team, to make sure our final products with solid provenance, pure film color, nice appearance and use reliability.

Quality control of the raw material— we selected reliable supplier for our raw material, to make sure our raw material is high quality Harmless and environment friendly. All our raw material supplier has certificates of ISO 9001, SGS.

Quality control of semi-finished products—before doing surface handing for bottle, we need to clean every bottle, make sure each bottle is clear and suitable for printing. At the same time we need to do spot check for semi- finished products.

Quality control of finished products—after finishing surface handing, we need to arrange complete inspection of all products, we have professional QC to make sure each bottle is with good printing and good quality, and the rate of finished products need to be 100%. Besides we also do complete inspection for other parts from cooperative factory, our aim is to make every detail perfect!

quality control