Cosmetic Packaging Market Analysis


Cosmetic packaging is one of the most well-known forms for distinguishing the variations between different competing brands in the cosmetics industry. It requires a blend of graphics and text in order to develop a way of uniformity and identification. Cosmetic packaging contains everything from the logo of the cosmetic company to the ingredients contained in the cosmetic product. This is what that gives the end-users their first opinion about the product. There may be various reasons as to why the graphics on the packaging is an important factor to the consumer.

Rising number in the beauty-consciousness female crowd in the end-user segment, the wide range of cosmetic products, easy availability of such cosmetics products at affordable prices are some of the factors positively driving the growth of the market. In addition, e-retailing of cosmetics products is also anticipated to boost the market in the near future. Moreover, the high importance is given by manufacturing companies to packaging and making it as a core activity in the manufacturing process also impacts the market in a positive way. Furthermore, numerous different and attractive designs for packaging along with the advantage of the safety of the product also drives the global cosmetic packaging market.

On the basis of materials used for packaging, the global cosmetic packaging market is segmented as glass, plastic, and paper. Further, the plastic segment is sub-segmented as polyethylene, polypropylene, and polyethylene terephthalate. Based on the container type used, the global market is further segmented as jars, bottles, tubes, pumps and dispensers, rolling balls, sachets, sticks, and pen-type. On the basis of capacity of the packaging, the global cosmetic packaging market is further segmented as Type 1 (below 50 ml), Type 2 (50 to 100 ml), Type 3 (100 to 150 ml), Type 4 (150 to 200 ml), and Type 5 (above 200 ml).

Asia Pacific is anticipated to be the largest player in the global cosmetic packaging market mainly owing to the high concentration of manufacturers and buyers of cosmetic packaging products in this region. This trend is followed by Europe and North America. A major sale of cosmetic packaging in Asia Pacific is majorly due to a considerable market growth in countries such as China, Japan, and India. On the other hand, Latin America and the Middle East & Africa are anticipated to witness slow growth in the future.

Some of the major players dominating the global cosmetic packaging market are Aptar RPC Group PLC, Group Inc., Amcor Limited, Gerresheimer AG, Albea S.A., and Libo Cosmetics Company, Ltd. Other key players influencing the market are Quadpack Industries, Fusion Packaging, HCP Packaging, and ABC Packaging Ltd.

Post time: Jan-11-2017