• Delightful Packaging: Youthfulness and Playfulness in Cosmetic Packaging Materials
    Post time: Dec-27-2023

    In the world of cosmetics, packaging plays a significant role in attracting consumers and creating a lasting impression. In this article, we will explore the trend of embracing youthfulness and playfulness in cosmetic packaging materials. Let’s dive into the exciting possibilities of packag...Read more »

  • Why quality is so imporant for packaging
    Post time: Dec-25-2023

    Choosing the right packaging materials is crucial for the success of cosmetic products. In this article, we will explore the importance of using high-quality cosmetic packaging materials and how they can enhance the overall product experience for consumers.   Protection and Preservation. Hig...Read more »

  • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Shanghai Best Package
    Post time: Dec-21-2023

    Dear customers, During this joyous and radiant Christmas season, we would like to extend our heartfelt wishes and greetings to you! On this special day, let us celebrate together and express our deep gratitude for your past cooperation and support. You are an essential part of our success, and ...Read more »

  • Super Dynasrtic for cosmetic packaging for 2024
    Post time: Dec-20-2023

    The Beauty Independent Dealmaker Summit EU/UK 2023 held last month in London was an extraordinary gathering of industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and visionaries from the beauty and cosmetics sector. This inaugural summit provided a platform for insightful discussions, networking opportunities, and...Read more »

  • Recyable material, New Trends
    Post time: Dec-11-2023

    Recycling is an essential aspect of waste reduction and environmental conservation. At Shanghai Best China Industry, we are dedicated to promoting sustainable practices and reducing our environmental impact. We offer a range of recycling services for businesses and individuals, including paper an...Read more »

  • Embracing Sustainability: The Future of Cosmetic Packaging
    Post time: Dec-08-2023

    Nowadays, the beauty industry is not only focused on enhancing external beauty but also on preserving the planet. As sustainable practices gain momentum, cosmetic brands are recognizing the importance of eco-friendly packaging solutions. In this article, we will explore the significance of sustai...Read more »

  • Shanghai Best at  Cosmoprof Asia 2023
    Post time: Dec-01-2023

    Cosmoprof Asia is a renowned international trade exhibition that takes place annually, bringing together professionals from the cosmetics and beauty industry. This exhibition serves as a platform for industry players to showcase their products, network, and explore business opportunities. In this...Read more »

  • Post time: Nov-23-2023

                                                                           Thanksgiving Sale Alert! Celebrate the season of gratitude with our sensational Thanksgiving Day Sale! Indulge in the warmth and joy of this special occasion, while discovering our exquisite new line of cosmetics packaged ...Read more »

  • Post time: Oct-17-2023

    In the world of beauty and skincare, the packaging of a product plays a crucial role in attracting customers and enhancing their overall experience. From luxurious cream jars to sleek lotion bottles, the right packaging can elevate the perception of a product and make it stand out from the compet...Read more »

  • Men’s makeup market expanding
    Post time: Sep-02-2019

      China Daily Global July 31, 2019   The cosmetics industry is a trillion-dollar business and is continuing to rise in value, thanks in part to men. In the UK, 5 percent of men now wear cosmetics regularly, reaching not only for moisturizers, but also foundation, bronzer, and even brow fill...Read more »

  • Work with excellent people, strive with hardworking people!
    Post time: Aug-16-2019

    As a leader enterprise in Cosmetic package industry of East China, Shanghai Best China Industry Co.,Ltd not only focus on our own development, but also devote to the developing of whole Chinese manufacturing industry.     Our general manager Shelly Pan is also Alibaba’s signed lecturer, on 7th,...Read more »

  • Biodegradable PLA Cosmetic bottle
    Post time: Aug-02-2019

     We’re now developing new product Biodegradable PLA Cosmetic bottle! Nowadays, with the enhancement of people’s awareness of environmental protection, more and more clients requires natural plastic material cosmetic packaging, the PLA plastic packaging meets the trends of global envir...Read more »

  • COSMOPROF,We are coming!
    Post time: Jun-14-2018

    Here!  We are Shanghai BEST China Industry Co., Ltd , we are the BEST cosmetic packaging supplier.  We aim to an icon of world wide cosmetic package and promote China foreigh trade go further. Our next station is COSMOPROF NORTH AMERICA LAS VEGAS! Looking forward to meeting our honored guest the...Read more »

  • Post time: Oct-11-2017

    A period of China is still the world’s glass manufacturing power and industrial development center, we still face the original fuel resources and energy conservation and environmental protection of the enormous pressure.   PET:(English: Polyethylene terephthalate, referred to as PET.) ...Read more »

  • Friends visit
    Post time: Oct-11-2017

    Congratulations to our old friend Veronica! Her cosmetic exhibition got great success in America’s Beauty Show! And she also had a group shot with Jack Ma at the exhibition, what a gorgeous photo! Veronica and her cosmetic brand is very famous in America, and we cooperate with her on cosme...Read more »

  • Cosmetic Packaging Market Analysis
    Post time: Jan-11-2017

    Cosmetic packaging is one of the most well-known forms for distinguishing the variations between different competing brands in the cosmetics industry. It requires a blend of graphics and text in order to develop a way of uniformity and identification. Cosmetic packaging contains everything from ...Read more »

  • Global packaging Market
    Post time: Jan-11-2017

    Global packaging sales are projected to rise by 3% in real terms to $797 billion in 2013 and grow at an annual rate of 4% to 2018. The Future of Global Packaging to 2018 provides a detailed five year forecast of the global packaging market. Based on expert research and analysis, this report cont...Read more »